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BrainyAct® builds strong brains to create strong learners.

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Learn how the BrainyAct brain enhancement program

closes the achievement gap for struggling students at school!

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How it Works

Connects the four lower & upper brain foundations for learning.

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How it’s Delivered

Balance & movement drive cognition. Uses motor tracking games.

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Improved Outcomes

Increased skill development equals fewer supports & fewer gaps.

After 16 weeks in the BrainyAct program, students see measurable improvements


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Schools are turning to brain training to help struggling learners

Schools typically focus on what a child is being taught, not how learning occurs.  Learning starts with the development of connections between the brain and body. When these connections are weak, students struggle year after year with academics, attention, behaviors, and emotional development.

The good news: Educators are turning to neurological solutions in school to address the source of these ongoing challenges. BrainyAct is a movement-based brain enhancement program that builds stronger brain and body connections that elevate student learning and performance in all areas of life. Teachers see more engaged, confident, and joyful learners in the classroom that are geared for success.

Find out how to bring the power of BrainyAct to your school, homeschool, summer school, or after-school program

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